Date Posted
3rd Jan 2019

January Training Details

It is up to each rower to improve and build their own fitness during the break!

  • To ensure this occurs, we ask that you do at least 15km of running each week during the holiday period.
    • This can be done in smaller lots, though no less than 3km
    • Lake Ngaroto run is 5.7kms
    • Hill and stair running are strongly encouraged to build leg strength
    • A Kakepuku or Hakarimata Summit Track runs every 3 days will improve strength and endurance
    • Get creative and google for different places to explore and train at the same time
  • Staying local during the break? On water, erg or Kakapuka training as a group is an option
    • Interested? Please get in contact with Paul and times will be set based on numbers and availability  

How are we going to know you do 15km?

  • Please use and download – Map My Run or Runtastic phone app
  • Available on android and apple phones
  • You can set up challenges with your crew and other friends
  • When we get together after the break, we will be reviewing what you have been up to.

Fitness training camp – Tuesday, 8 January to Friday, 11 January

  • Please confirm attendance asap
  • Parents please indicate if you can assist with transport and supervision on the days away from Lake Ngaroto
  • Rowers to supply own food and liquid hydration for the duration of training
  • Sun protection and appropriate footwear, training clothing, sweat towels and spare clothing is a must
  • Bring own first aid supplies for blisters

Check out the calendar for day by day details.  Any questions please get in contact.