Te Awamutu Club Regatta - November

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Lake Karapiro

Te Awamutu Rowing Clubs Annual Regatta for 2019 is being held at Lake Karapiro on the 2nd November

  • Racing starts at 7:45am,
  • boats on water at 7.20am
  • Safety briefing is at 7.00am

This is a ‘Friendly Regatta’ with the aim of giving rowers the opportunity to row in as many different races and/or crews as they can manage and to provide insight into the preparation required for the coming season.

Please note the following:

  • Due to an increased hireage cost the spectator bank will not be available for Clubs to erect tents.
  • Any charges incurred by the Te Awamutu Rowing Club from the Karapiro Domain regarding the use of the spectator bank will be passed on to the Club(s) concerned. 
  • With the limited room in the boat park, we ask that only shade/sun cover be used (ie small pop ups) and ask that tents are not erected in the boat park as well.
  • Event 30 can be rowed as a mixed crew if you wish, we have introduced this to cater for smaller clubs who wouldn’t otherwise be able to row an Eight.
  • Event 7 is also another option for Novice 8+’s over a 1000m distance.  It will be at the officials discretion how these races will be formatted.
  • Intermediate Class - We have introduced a couple of ‘Intermediate’ Events, which we hope will accommodate those Under 16’s and those in their 2nd year of rowing.  We have not complicated the format to fit these Events in and trust that you are honest when entering your crews into these events…there will be enough stress with meeting regulations at regattas throughout the season, so the aim of the game with our regatta is for the rowers to get on the water, have fun & learn!
  • Event 21 - Mens Club Single and Womens Club Single (Evt 32) over 1000 metres proved popular last year. This is for those ‘First timers in a single’ which may give them the confidence boost needed to compete in the regattas ahead. 
  • Please note there are no lanes for this regatta and times are not recorded.

We look forward to seeing your club colours on the water.  Please spread the word as the more the merrier. 

Our well-known sandwiches and baking will be on sale from the Waipa room.  Also available will be fruit, tea and Coffee.  Hot bacon and egg BBQ sandwiches will be available for lunch also.

We do hope your Club is able to attend. Clubs can also refer other interested clubs to our website for information and entry forms www.teawamuturowing.co.nz

Please forward any questions and enquires to our regatta secretary, Stephanie Kidner via our email address. 

Stephanie Kidner

Te Awamutu Rowing Club

Regatta Secretary

Please contact us via our email address. Email: teawamuturowing@gmail.com

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