Te Awamutu Rowing Masters Regatta - April

Where: Lake Ngaroto

When: 13 April 2019

Racing Start Time: 9.15am

Safety Briefing at 8.50am

Google Maps location of Lake Ngaroto

Download your Masters Regatta Entry Form Here

​​​​​​Conditions of Entry

  1. All racing will be held over approximately 750m, unless you don’t finish.
  2. Entry fee is $25 per rower and allow unlimited race entries. Any person entering more than 10 races will need proof of age.
  3. Rowers are required to be over 27 years of age.
  4. Coxswains must wear life jackets regardless of their size
  5. Any crew found to have jumped, misheard (hard of hearing) by the chief starter will automatically be deemed a cheat, thus no treat at the end of the day.
  6. Back chat or snide remarks will not be tolerated by an unofficial official
  7. Erg testing may be randomly carried out to determine one’s physical ability, regardless of age or sex.
  8. Te Awamutu Rowing reminds all participating rowers to do so at their own risk and take no responsibility whatsoever for your poor (good) physical ability, health and failing eyesight.
  9. The entry fee of $25, entitles the rower to a free burger and beer after the day’s activities.
  10. Please make the effort to indulge in some country hospitality as we would welcome your presence at our barbie.

We hope you all have a great day and spend a little time talking to all neighbouring fellow rowers.

P.S The above conditions must be sighted by all participants!

Regatta contact:

Wendy Reynolds

Te Awamutu Rowing Club

Regatta Secretary

PO Box 187, Te Awamutu,

Ph: 027 522 5274

Email: teawamuturowing@gmail.com